Dreamfall Chapters: Book One

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Dreamfall Chapters: Book One

PostPosted by Ceres » Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:28 am

I don't even know how to describe how beautiful and wonderful I think this game is. It was the 1st thing I ever backed on Kickstarter (soon followed by Frontiers) - and it was money well spent.

The music, the dialog, the graphics and (of course!) the story are, to me, amazing.

The only draw-back was the delay in HumbleBundle getting pre-release game keys to Backers, and then Steam (damn Steam!) seeming to take forever to make the game available for download. But it finally happened (although it took a couple of hours), and it was worth ... everything.

But I'm already hoping that Lars & Company don't have to go thru all that when Frontiers is released, because the Dreamfall Chapters Developers must've been in hell the other night - and they're in Oslo, Norway, so, for them, it must've been an all night ordeal.

Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed that HumbleBundle and Steam get-it-together in time for Frontiers! :redlace:
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