couple of game that I approve of

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couple of game that I approve of

PostPosted by matthewfarmery » Thu Aug 14, 2014 7:31 pm

after going though the games category, and been told by the other members of the group, got a couple of games that might interest people

animal-gods-act-1 ... gods-act-1

it might not look like much, will be a platform, castlevania 4 style, set in 1500BC

game been broken down into chapters, game will last a few hours per chapter, and plenty of secrets, the devs seem upfront and honest, (and that programmer, need I say more?) :D

the main letdown is they not going to do a gameplay video, its their major weakness, but for a small studio, this could be one to keep tabs on

then the second approved project is

Aegis Defenders ... defenders/

also looks decent, getting a bit of negativity as it sort of looks like another game, but the devs have been fairly active, game I think has a lot going for it, worth checking it worth too
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