Transistor (from the people that brought us Bastion)

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Transistor (from the people that brought us Bastion)

PostPosted by matthewfarmery » Thu May 08, 2014 8:05 pm

there is no mention of this game, so Im going to start a thread about it.

first off, anyone here played Bastion? it was an awesome game, anyone who hasn't played that game, I highly suggest you check it out

anyway for transistor, its a new game from the same devs

gameplay video

and steam store page

or if you want to support the devs direct

the gameplay looks interesting, and I have pre ordered it, I utterly loved Bastion, that was a real breath of fresh air in terms of how good it was. so I have high hopes for Transistor, and it will be released for the PS4 and PC on the 20 of May, so not too far off.

just a heads up in case anyone is interested!
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