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PostPosted by InfinityOne » Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:31 am

Sirinan wrote:
InfinityOne wrote:I for one will never ever pre-order a game again. Been burned on Steam in the past and most recently with X-Rebirth. Now, on the other hand I will support Kickstarter/Early Access games that I "hope" might turn into something good in the future for a reasonable price.

That's not a terribly logical stance, if you'll forgive me for saying so - if the amount of information you have about a game under either system is equivalent, then the only difference between a pre-order and early access is the wait before you can play the game - you will have spent your money in both cases before you are able to play.

I'm another person strongly in favour of a pre-order system rather than early access.

- Less chance of the floodgates opening and getting more users than you can reasonably handle at a point where you still want to be concentrating on development rather than support.
- Keeps the reputation of game and developer intact, for there to be a better first impression made on standard release.
- More control. If you feel at some point that you have enough pre-orders to support you, you can take down the pre-order page.
- Early access remains in reserve as a potential solution if the pre-order one doesn't work for whatever reason.

That's fair, I know it might not be logical. However, in the early access phase "if you don't get it day one" then you can listen to other peoples feedback on the state of the game and follow it to see if progress is being made and if it looks to be a legitimate game and then take the plunge anytime you feel like taking the risk. In the case of X-Rebirth you were just promised a great game that was an "improvement" from prior games (which I loved for almost a decade) and were handed a $50 pile of crap on launch day with outright lies being told all along.

I don't see it as an equivalent amount of information for both senarios. I can get user feedback in one scenario or "trust" a dev that really wants to make a game sell in the other.

Just the way I see things, flawed or not.

Having said that I don't have any of these worries with Frontiers though and cant wait to try the game with my Oculus Rift.
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