General Kickstarter / Alpha / Beta FAQ

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General Kickstarter / Alpha / Beta FAQ

PostPosted by Railboy » Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:58 am

When will [x] be happening? / When will I receive [x]?
Check out the Backer's Calendar, (updated 06/2014) it has an up-to-date list of all backer events.


Steam Greenlight Page
Frontiers Greenlight launches (Mar 30) . . . Frontiers is Greenlit (Apr 3)

There is no way to get Alpha / Beta access at this point (if you do not already have it) but
PREORDERS are live.


These answer a lot of general questions about the game.
Make sure to check the 'What's the deal with _?' and '_ 101' entries in particular.

54) Anniversary Update #3: Guild University
53) Anniversary Update #2: Music Making & Trapping
52) Anniversary Update #1: Music, Vids, Pics & More!

42) February Update!
41) January Update - Prologue
40) End of the Year Update! - Guest Update: The Final Three Warlocks
39) Year End Wrap-up: You've got questions, I've got answers
38) November wrap-up - Two Guest Updates!
37) Story Q&A this Sunday - Guest update by Ryan Span
36) Delays! (Plus a Guest Update!)
35) August Update - Terrain, Leviathans, and Alpha info!
34) The Results are IN!
33) Survey Reminder! (Last Day)
32) Survey Incoming...
31) One Week Later...
30) (Post) Post Campaign Q&A!
29) Time for some SERIOUS BUSINESS
28) (Pre) Post Campaign Q&A!
27) Soundtrack Sneak Peek - Riverbog Theme
26) What's the deal with multiplayer?
25) Post-Campaign Backer Calendar!
24) Multiplayer Push / Add-on / Promo Video
23) Magic 101!
22) Mod Support! / World Map
21) Holiday Weekend AV
20) July 4th-6th / Bulk Pack
19) Crafting 101 / What's the deal with rewards?
18) New Rewards!
17) What's the deal with stretch goals?
16) What's the deal with the Beta?
15) INNKEEPER Reward
14) Steve Barnes' Update of Happiness
13) Survival Part 2 + Skills / Music
12) What's the deal with NPCs?
11) Survival 101 / 2 Stretch Goals
10) $50,000!
9) New (Unlimited) Add-Ons!
8) Survival ̶M̶o̶n̶d̶a̶y̶ Tuesday
7) Shopkeeper is SOLD OUT
6) Almost there / Add-Ons
5) New Rewards
4) Paths 101
3) A 'What Was it Called' Reward
2) 500 / Starwalkers + Bitcoins / What's Next?!
1) Welcome!

More to come.
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Re: General Kickstarter / Alpha FAQ

PostPosted by Railboy » Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:17 pm

Alpha access kicks in at the Apprentice level: APPRENTICE ● Get everything in the Novice reward PLUS a digital download of the soundtrack and access to the limited beta when it's released!

The Apprentice description was written before I knew we'd be splitting things into alpha / beta, and KS doesn't allow me to edit that text, so the alpha was never explicitly mentioned in any of the reward descriptions. (Hence the understandable confusion.)

There was a survey question in Backerkit that asked everyone of Apprentice-level and above whether they'd be interested in the alpha. If they answered 'YES' to that question I added them to a database, and I'll be randomly drawing names from that pool.

In addition to that random drawing I'll be hand-picking a small set of people with alpha experience and/or the specific hardware that I need to test (eg, the Oculus Rift).
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