Beta forum + Backer's Corner for Kickstarter backers

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Beta forum + Backer's Corner for Kickstarter backers

PostPosted by Railboy » Fri Jul 19, 2013 11:36 pm

We have a plan!

If you pledged for beta access, following these steps will get you access to the beta forums.

We also have something special lined up for all Kickstarter backers - a private Backer's Corner where you can ask me questions about to your rewards, collaborate with other backers when writing your books or designing your Easter Eggs (only if you want to, of course), and more besides!

To be added to the Beta forum and/or Backer's Corner:

  1. Register and activate (the usual email address check...) a forum account.

  2. Send a private forum message to me.

    • If you pledged through Kickstarter, include the email address associated with your Kickstarter account.

    • If you pledged through PayPal, include the email address that you used for PayPal.
    I will then verify your pledge level and earmark your forum account for the correct reward level.

    Please spell it out even if it's the same address as for the forum. It really helps.

And that's it! (For you, anyway.)

Once your forum account has been upgraded you can see it in your User Control Panel in the Usergroups tab.
You will have acquired a new group but there is nothing you need to do there. It's just for your information.

Just a heads up: this process can take a while because it's something I need to do by hand. :D

There is no rush.

It's still early and you're not missing out on anything, yet. The beta forums and Backer's Corner have just been created and are mostly empty. So just apply when you can!

- L
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