TES Games To Play While You Wait, Some Even For FREE!!!

From Arena to Skyrim... and beyond!

TES Games To Play While You Wait, Some Even For FREE!!!

PostPosted by Sykotic Reaper » Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:46 am

While we all wait for what will be the greatest game ever made. Why don't you sit back, try and calm down, and play some of the similar games of old. Below are the pages that can start you off on your adventure: The Elder Scrolls Arena, the Game that started The Elder Scrolls series of games; if that doesn't satiate your appetite, then try The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall, the game mentioned to have helped start the idea of FRONTIERS, and while it is uglier than a monkey's armpit and controls worse than a bumper car on a frozen lake, maybe it will help curb your appetite while you wait. Want to play on the go, then why not download "aDosBox" (by HYStudio) on your android phone so you can play these two games wherever you want (does this really work? I have no idea because I have yet to try it, but I will certainly report back as soon as I can try it myself).

Or perhaps you would rather read something while you wait, then there is a 30-page graphic novel describing the background of the hero of Redguard, Cyrus. Read “The Origins of Cyrus” which is now available in PDF form for your viewing pleasure here. Not enough to read, then there is a fun little app that may interest you called simply enough "The Elder Scrolls Books" (by Lufthavn). Read any or all of the books from the Elder Scrolls series ranging form Daggerfall to Skyrim (not sure but maybe it might help those who want to write books for the digital book authoring kit that allows you create readable in-game books, or maybe not if your just looking for some... uh... ...light reading?)

Of course there is also the ever so time consuming Morrowind if that tickles your fancy, which you can get from Steam, as well as other places. Then there is also the ever so well known Oblivion and Skyrim, which also can be purchased from the Steam store (and seeing as they are also doing the Summer Sale right now, you can probably get it for cheap, leaving more money to pledge for the game we are all waiting for), not to mention you can probably get it from GOG or the plethora of other places that are able to discount these games (personally i'd check CheapShark.com first for the best sale on any games, but w/e). If you do decide to go over to Steam and purchase any of these games, make sure that you also go and vote for FRONTIERS so we can help get it on Steam.
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