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PostPosted by Gazz » Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:16 pm

Hello, everyone and welcome to the FRONTIERS forums!

This is a happy and friendly place and it's going to stay that way!


  1. Be respectful.
    Most of the other rules are basically rewordings of rule #1.
    Personal attacks are the easiest way to get warnings or a permanent ban. (Curious?)

  2. No obscene / offensive / illegal images or posts. Thanks.
    Think of the children! (And more importantly, show some class!)
  3. No. Commercial. Ads.
    We have a section for talking about other games or indie projects, though.
  4. The search tool is your friend! Use it before posting something. (Who am I kidding?)
  5. No discussion of moderator actions.
    You may fiercely and loudly disagree about any game features but if a topic gets locked or a post deleted, that's the end of that. PM an admin / developer if you have a problem with a moderator.
  6. I reserve the right to change the rules anytime. My forum, my rules.
Not that I really expect any of this to be a problem. Folks were awesome on the Kickstarter comments & updates pages. So pelase just do like you do and we'll all get along just great! :D
The first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club. - XKCD
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