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Texture Art!

PostPosted by Nephthys » Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:51 pm

Since there's a Morrowind forum ... and I'm sure there's modders lurking around ... I hope, at least... :)

Let's see some images! :D

All the stone work, and every texture on the girl and her clothes/gear that you see here is of my own creation (except her body skin, that is the skin provided by Faylynn's drow city denizens mod, that I modified by recoloring it even further - but her face is mine). All of my Hlaalu settlements are filled with wonderful mosaic goodness. The hair is the only mesh that's mine, I'm really not very good at mesh creation.

I am hoping the sexy clothes suggestion for Frontiers makes it, because I *love* making clothes for my video game characters (although I am better at making building textures lol). :D
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